Industrial Lift

Industrial Elevators & Lifts

Industrial elevators, lifts and hoists supplied by SuperTech Elevators are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that implements a rigorous quality control program to ensure the highest industry standards are met. The robust outdoor industrial rack and pinion elevator design features an all-steel car and tower components for superior strength and long-life performance. Reinforcing steel is used to keep the elevator cars and doors from warping and twisting under load. The car body itself on an industrial elevator is isolated from the drive sled to minimize noise and vibration for a smooth, quiet ride.

Elevator Construction Design

All research and development are done by utilizing in-house design teams which are continuously working to develop new industrial elevator products and improve on existing ones. SuperTech Elevators has a strong commitment to supplying quality industrial elevators, as well as professional and reliable customer service.

Elevator Servicing & Maintenance

Rack and pinion industrial elevators are specifically designed for outdoor settings and require no enclosed hoistway, no machine room, and have significantly lower installation and maintenance costs than traditional traction or hydraulic elevators. Our experienced crews have a long history of working on the rack and pinion elevators.  SuperTech Elevators offers a variety of custom engineered solutions to meet your industrial elevator needs.

Safety Compliance

SuperTech provides ASME A17.1, ANSI A10.4, and EN 81.1 compliant industrial elevators with capacities ranging from 650 lbs (295 kg) to over 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg), and speeds up to 330 ft/min (100 m/min). DNV and ABS certifications are available. For hazardous locations, SuperTech offers NEC and ATEX hazardous-area (explosion proof) compliant industrial elevators.


SuperTech has extensive experience in the replacement of belted manlifts. Belted manlifts were originally created as a way to move workers through the open floors of a building. The belt operates continuously and workers jump on and off the moving beltway at the correct floor. Many countries have deemed these types of devices unsafe. If you are looking to replace your belted manlift, call us for details on an economical solution to moving your personnel safely. Contact us for inquiries on our industrial elevators!