Goods / Passenger Elevators

Goods / Passenger Elevators

All of our goods lifts can be installed to carry goods and passengers weighing from 50kg to 6000kg. Like our passenger lift installation service, our goods lift installations have a wide variety of exceptional features.

It is used extensively in factories and storage facilities for the movement of goods between floors. Two kinds of lifts are on offer – Drum-wound machine based or traction machine based. The capacities of this lift available at range from 250 Kgs to 10 Tons. Goods and workers can be transported to any number of floors. The size of the lifts can be from 3′ x 2′ to as large as 12′ x 20′. Standard height of the cabin is 6′ 71/2″. The lift can open on the opposite side also (2 side open cabin).

At SUPERTECHLEVATOR Lifts, we use Best quality raw material (M.S., S.S., copper or any other metals) to manufacture high class goods lifts. We take mos care in designing the goods lift to ensure the recommended speed and its control system. The lifts are designed to easily withstand the heavy loads. These goods’ lifts are known for their lower energy consumption ability. Used in Industries and at construction sites, these lifts help in transferring of goods from one level to another.

The Machine consists of a woem and a wheel reduction gear enclosed in a suitable subsstantial cast iron casing and working in oil bath. The electric motor is specially designed for lift work to give ample starting torque and specially insulated to withstand tropical conditions. We have a team of seasoned and dedicated engineers who have experience of more than two decades in the principles of the lift technology engagedin the installation and maintenance of lifts. By virtue of our immaculate records our clients repose on us and we enjoy an enviable goodwill. We are also enlisted with MES as lift maintenance contracters. We are doing all the production and R&D work at our Ahmedabad unit where Microprocessor Panels and machines are being developed.