Elevator Inspection & Maintenance


Maintenance frequency is determined in conjunction with our customer, based upon elevator usage, brand equipment (Stros, Pega, Geda, USA Hoist, Alimak), environmental location (such as frigid temperatures), and criticality of up-time. SuperTech Elevators’ service contracts are designed to troubleshoot any issues before they become costly problems. With our highly trained technicians, we provide reliable service and repairs every time, which means fewer call-outs and fewer inconveniences for your workers.  We understand that response time is critical to our clients and it goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the work that we provide.

Maintenance Services

  • Flexible maintenance schedules (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually)
  • Lubrication and inspection
  • Permitting
  • Drop test services
  • Repair services
  • Spare parts
  • Emergency call-out service

Typical Activities During Visits

  • Visual inspection of all components and indicators
  • Adjust car and landing gates and car leveling
  • Check oil levels
  • Over-speed drop tests
  • Lubricate bearings
  • Check leveling
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Brake inspection and adjustments
  • Inspect safety circuits
  • Check main and rooftop controls
  • Inspect hoistway
  • Inspect wire ropes and counterweight systems
  • Inspect rack & pinion tooth engagement
  • Inspect traveling cable system

Maintenance Service

Contact our Maintenance Division, formerly  on +91-9456451723 for questions regarding maintenance on permanent elevators.


Overspeed Safety Device Program

SuperTech Elevator has a program that tracks and notifies you when an overspeed safety device test needs to be performed. To be included in our notification program, you may sign up here.